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Pagani P.L.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVIII July – December 2000 – Number 48
Parole chiave: Individual Psychology, History of the Adlerian Movement (national and international), Eclectism, Theory of the psychotherapeutic technique

Talk about the individual psychology and about the eclecticism


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Summary. It is ascertained that some operators of the area of the Individual Psychology are prone to the eclecticism because of a certain inferiority feeling towards other psychological principles, so it is noticed that this is mainly had to the growing weak in them of those certainties, in precedence assured by the trust in the theory in which they were formed, but of which they hadn’t succeeded to really assimilate the rational construction. For such motive the logical consequentiality of the adlerian model, defined a true “man’s theory”, its function to the service of the welfare of the individual and its scientificity are proposed. Therefore, eclectic conciliations of ideas which are substantially incompatible among them, combined together without any originality, and even, in total opposition with the adlerian thought are useless and also harmful. In such last cases, it would seem more correct to speak of “syncretism” than of eclecticism.

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