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Marocco Muttini C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69
Parole chiave: Complex, Inferiority, Mourning, Parental model

From death in the family to the inferiority feeling


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Summary. The individual is the result of different factors, either biological, psychological, social or cultural, which all contribute to shape the lifestyle with behaviors which can be either brave or coward with respect to how aggressiveness is expressed. The experiences of the first years of life have a lot of significance during the process of evolution of the individual, and consequently the behavior of the parents and the response to the needs of the child are crucial. Every dysfunction in the process of compensation of the inferiority feeling leads to different psycho-pathological expressions. The effects on the lifestyle are  also the results of those educational unconscious messages which are induced by existential situations,  critical also for the adults involved in the education process. Three cases of minors who have lost the  father are highlighted in the personal contribution; the educational behavior of the mother has led to  a lack of resilience or vice versa a positive compensation of the inferiority feeling. The difference in  the effects of the death is linked to the process of encouragement arising both from the affection  demonstrated to the child and the faith in the resources of the child himself.

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