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Tramonti M.A.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXIX July – December 2001 – Number 50
Parole chiave: Analysis, Adlerian Psychotherapy, Literature

ART AND CULTURE: The “patient” Robert Musil


050_Arte e Cultura

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Summary. The work concerns a little known circumstance of the life of Robert Musil, the famous Austrian writer (Klagenfurt 1889-Geneva 1942) known above all for its masterpiece Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, The man without quality, initiated in 1898, published in its initial part in 1930 and in 1933 and in its final, incomplete and posthumous part, in 1943. The author is particularly concerned with a critical period of the mental welfare of the great literate, which happened during the layout of his famous composition, and which has imposed a psychotherapy by Ugos Lukacs, an adlerian analyst of Jewish-Hungarian origin, student of Alfred Adler.

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