Home PageArticolo rivistaComparative analysis of the recovery process in phobic neuroses

Parenti F., Pagani P.L.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXV January – June 1997 – Number 41
Parole chiave: Fiction, Adlerian Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Neurosis, Confrontation, Phobia, Recovery

Comparative analysis of the recovery process in phobic neuroses


041_Francesco Parenti_Pier Luigi Pagani_ITA

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Summary. On the ground of the cases treated with an individual-psychologic and psycho-analytic  therapy, the authors wonder how two contrasting interpretations can both lead to recovery. Through  the analysis of the cases they come to the conclusion that the recovery process always follows the  unmasking of a fiction, which keeps its roll of demythicization of the phobic object also when the  fiction, which supports it, is replaced by another fiction. However, they affirm that the unmasking  of the fiction is intentional and conscious for the adlerian analyst and, on the contrary, it is sometimes  unconscious for the orthodox psychoanalyst.

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