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Munno A., Simonelli B.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXII Congr. SIPI “The network of fictions in the Adlerian Theory and practce", 2010)
Parole chiave: Fiction, Adolescence, Addiction, Substance abuse, Psychological distress, New drugs

Adoelscents and designer drugs. Psychoactive finctions and teens disconfort



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Summary. In this paper some considerations on new trends of drugs use and abuse by adolescents and on designer drugs will be proposed. Designer drugs of abuse are synthetic derivatives of federally controlled substances, created by slightly altering the molecular structure of existing drugs, and are produced illegally in clandestine laboratories for illicit use. Many of the most popular designer drugs on the street today are similar to the amphetamines. The Adlerian theoretical approach allows us to understand the fictional places of mind in which the deep meaning of the desperate search of sensory, perceptual and relational experiences, from time to time exciting, potentiating or hallucinatory, hides. Each drug offers adolescents a multiplicity of “as if”, that are related to the different drugs characteristics, that in turn intertwine with the maladaptive fictional answers to the psychological-dynamical and relational needs, that are related to specific and different experiences of Self, of others and of the world. The Striving for Power vicissitudes allow us to reflect on the paradoxical aesthetical power that this kind of drugs have on the existential pain, even if their typical effects are exciting or hallucinatory.

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