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Ferrigno G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX – July-December 2011 – Number 70
Parole chiave: History of the Adlerian Movement (national and international), Rivista di Psicologia Individuale (Italian Journal of I.P.)

EDITORIAL: Forty years after the birth of “Rivista di Psicologia Individuale”



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Summary. Forty years ago, in October 1972, was founded the “Rivista di Psicologia Individuale”. Now the  editors offer the readers an invaluable gift: the facsimile form of the first and second cover page, the  opening pages of the articles 70 and 71 and the number of the magazine, published in March 1973,  five months after its submission to the Civil Court of Milan (11 October 1972). The article, written  by Francesco Parenti and Pier Luigi Pagani, is entitled “School integration problems for the gifted  children”. The Editorial traces the various stages of the birth of the “Rivista di Psicologia  Individuale”.

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